Supporting the Vision And Strengthening Our Village
Murphey Middle School
Mavericks Must Succeed!

Maverick Parents and Guardians,

As members of this family, you are part of the vision of academic success that we have created for the 2014-2015 school year. This year, we are “strengthening our village” which means we are including everyone in ensuring Murphey’s students increase their academic achievement. Our village is not limited to students, teachers, and administrators, but includes our support staff, school nutrition staff, custodial staff, bus drivers, community partners, feeder schools and, yes, parents and guardians.


Murphey's Title I
Parent Resource Center

The parent center is designed as a resource for parents to obtain information pertaining to Murphey, community, and well-being.

 Principal: Mrs. Veronica Bolton  

Assistant Principal: Mrs. Vanessa Darling

Student Hours:  8:50am-4:15pm
Teacher Hours: 8:25am - 4:25pm
 Office Hours:    8:25am - 4:25pm

Grading: 9 weeks grading period

The PRINCIPAL'S BOOK CLUB is designed to increase comprehension and promote the joy of reading. Each month a book will be featured for discussion. Students will read the selected book and write a reflection of what they read to submit to the principal. Several students wil be chosen each month to eat breakfast, chat, reflect and expound on the BOOK OF THE MONTH.
The BOOK OF THE MONTH for October 2014 is Dread Locks. The author of the book is Neal Shusterman.

Book Overview: 
Dread Locks is the first entry in the Dark Fusion series from master storyteller Neal Shusterman. He cleverly weaves together familiar parts of fairy tales and Greek mythology to tell the story of fourteen-year-old Parker Bear, rich and utterly bored with life—until a new girl arrives in town. Tara's eyes are always hidden behind designer sunglasses, and her hair, blond with glimmering spirals, seems almost alive. Parker watches, fascinated, as one by one Tara chooses high school students to befriend. 


Richmond County School System 

2014-2015 Character Education!

August ~ Diligence - Attentiveness, Perseverance, Punctuality, & Commitment.

September ~ Sensitivity - Virtue, Compassion, Fairness, & Courtesy

October ~ Hospitality - Cheerfulness, cooperation, Generosity, & Encouragement.

November/December ~ Loyalty - Citizenship, Honesty, Patriotism, & Freedom 

January ~ Enthusiasm - Kindness, Cleanliness, School Pride, Attentiveness, Resourcefulness, & Sportsmanship

February ~ Flexibility - Tolerance, Patience, Graciousness, & Initiative

March ~ Discernment - Respect for others, Respect fro the environment, Civility, & Sincerity

April ~ Cautiousness - Self-Respect, Self-Control, Moderation, & Discretion

May ~ Boldness - Courage, Creativity, & Responsibility


FBLA Organization
The group is under the leadership and supervision of Alfreda Polite.

Murphey Mavericks Football Championship 2013-2014

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Murphey Middle School is currently involved in major renovations through our SPLOST Building Program.  For important information and project updates, please click here.

Friday, October 31
Parent Involvement
Murphey Middle Principal Book Talk @ 9:45 AM
Monday, November 3
Teacher of the Year Banquet @ 7:00 PM (Augusta Marriott)
Tuesday, November 11
Veteran's Day Holiday
Schools and Central Offices Closed
Thursday, November 13
Progress Reports
Title I
Murphey Middle "Pastries for Progress"
Tuesday, November 18
Monday, November 24

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Parent Handout

October 2014 Parent Calendar.pdf

Murphey Parent Handout 2014-2015.pdf
October is National Bullying Prevention Month

An Anti-Bullying Rally took place on Friday, October 24th at Technical Career Magnet School.  To view a portion of the event, click here.

Anti-Bullying Rally at Technical Career Magnet School

Join the movement! The End of Bullying Begins with Me:  that's the message during PACER's National Bullying Prevention Month.  Take a moment to read how you can "Get Involved!"

Notice of Non-Discrimination
The Richmond County School System does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability or age in its programs and activities for students.  The following persons have been designated to investigate any complaint communicated to the Board of Education alleging non-compliance of non-discrimination policies regarding student activities.

Voluntary Student Accident Insurance


A Parent Guide to Destination Math and A Parent Guide to Destination Reading are available to give insight on using the Houghton Mifflin website. The web address is http://rd.richmond.k12.ga.us/lms

Red Ribbon Week 2014  "LOVE YOURSELF...BE DRUG FREE"